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An affidavit is a written, authenticated statement of fact made under oath, voluntarily written by an affiant to be admissible in a court or other official institutions for various objectives.


Probate is the judicial confirmation of the authority of the Executor or Executors to carry out the provisions of a Will. It is usually granted upon an application made to the Probate Registrar.

Case Management

Easy-to-use system that will allow lawyers send documents directly to the courts over the internet and allows court to file, store and manage their case files in an easy and transparent way.

Lis Penden

A Lis Penden is an official notice to the public that a lawsuit involving a claim on a property has been filed. Lis penden is connected to the concept that a buyer of a property must assume any litigation that exists pertaining to the property.

Certified True Copies

Judgments, Orders, Rulings and other Court processes to litigants and members of the public


The High Court Bench presently has Twenty (20) Judges including the Honourable Chief Judge, Justice O.A. Ojo, who is both the Judicial and Administrative head.

The Registry

The Registry of the High Court is the intermediate level between the High Court and Magistrate Court and it is the Administrative centre in charge of the day to day running of the High Court

Judicial Divisions

Establishment of Judicial Divisions Magisterial Districts and Grade 'C' Customary Courts throughout the state.